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 1. Digital subtraction angiography equipment

It is highly sophisticated angiography equipment, it combines the facility of

  1. high resolution digital angiography,
  2. 3D Rotational Angiography with
  3. CT scan
To deliver exact treatment and confirm the results in single equipment. By utilizing this unique facility highly accurate treatment is.
 2. Color Doppler

It is highly sophisticated Ultrasound equipment with facility to view blood vessels in color mode. It helps in diagnosing vascular diseases. It provides the anatomical and flow parameters of the blood vessels.

It is a basic tool for interventional Radiologist who quickly diagnoses, plans the treatment and follows up vascular cases on such equipments
 3. Laser Equipment

The latest Laser equipment treats

1. Varicose veins in a painless manner in one visit.
2. This laser equipment also treats the abnormal intervertebral discs and other causes of back/spinal pain.

 4. Radiofrequency Ablation equipment
This equipment helps in treatment of various cancers of liver, lung and kidneys. It burns the tumor. Ultrasound or CT scan is used as guidance to accurately treat these cancers.
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